Olivia the Pig Birthday Cake

olivia the pig birthday cakeAn Olivia cake is hard to come by: there are no special Olivia cake pans that you can use, no official cake toppers, and your local bakery or supermarket is not likely to be able to whip up a special Olivia cake for you. However, you can create a smashing Olivia cake with a little creativity using one of these simple but effective ideas:

A page from Olivia’s storybook cake
You’ll need to plan ahead to get this cake ready, but it’s the simplest way to create a spectacular Olivia cake. First, browse your child’s Olivia book covers and choose the cover you both like best, or look through the storybooks and pick your favorite scene or page. Once you’ve decided on the page you like best, scan it into your computer at high resolution. Then order an edible photo cake image from Icing Images. They will make a perfect replica of the image in an edible sugar sheet that you can simply lay on top of a homemade cake. It looks stunning, and couldn’t be easier! To make this super special and quite amazing you can also bake a cake in the shape of an open book using this custom Wilton cake pan, and order two images to fit on each page of the open book.

Olivia the Pig Edible Image Cake Topper
A very simple and effective cake can be created using an edible image cake topper. Simply select one of the images below, customize it with your child's name and age. When you receive the cake simply peel the image and place it on your already iced cake. Voila, it couldn't be simpler!

Olivia cake topper
olivia the pig cake topperAlthough there are no official cake toppers for Olivia, you can use this charming “Always Accessorize” figurine to top your cake. Bake two eight-inch round cakes, and sandwich them together with white frosting. Frost the entire surface of the cake, and then decorate it either by scattering red candy confetti or edible glitter over it, or create a red-and-white striped effect by running long red licorice ribbons around the outside of the cake and across the top.

Simple Olivia face cake
Did you know you can make a simple cake that looks like Olivia’s face by baking a big rectangular cake and making two simple cuts? Cut long, curving triangles from the top to create a bullet shape for Olivia’s rounded head. Then just flip the triangles up to create her long pig ears. After you’ve arranged the cake pieces on the serving board or platter, frost the whole thing in vanilla frosting tinted pale pink, and then use squeeze-tubes of black and darker pink icing to fill in her facial features.

Olivia tutu cupcakes
Cupcakes can be even easier than a cake. This idea is simplicity itself, and results in an entire platter of little Olivia's wearing bright red cupcake tutus. Start by baking a batch of cupcakes, using red paper cases for the cupcakes if you can find them (or white if you can’t). Next, tint a batch of vanilla frosting bright red using Wilton red-red coloring paste. Frost the cupcakes, and use the tines of a fork to create a ruffled tutu effect in the frosting. Now scan an image of Olivia dancing in her red ballet tutu from the “Olivia Learns Ballet” book, or find it on the web. Adjust the size of the image until it’s the right size to fit on top of the cupcake, and then print out as many images as you need using light cardstock. Cut each image out, leaving only Olivia’s top half, plus a tab to push into the cupcake so that the image stays upright. Now have the Olivia cupcake ornaments laminated, so that they stay looking fresh and perfect even after they’ve been sitting in the cupcakes for a while. Cut out the laminated figures, and stick one in each cupcake so that it looks as though the cupcake is the skirt of Olivia’s tutu.

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